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Independent Projects

  • Unconsumed Music: Unearthing Athens-based experimentalism

Field & archival research on the micro-histories of experimental music in Athens

Lead Researcher: Danae Stefanou
Research Assistants: Alexandra Karamoutsiou, Panos Ladas, Anna Papoutsi
Funding: Self-funded

  • ΙmproVersities

An ongoing critical exploration of classroom-based and student-run free improv initiatives in Greek Higher Education.

Lead Researcher: Danae Stefanou
Research Assistant: Anna Papoutsi
Pilot Phase: February 2014 – June 2015
Funding: A.U.TH. Research Committee

PhD Research

  • The Greek Underground: Historical, social and artistic factors informing Greek independent musical genres

Researcher: Panagiotis Ladas
Start Date: November 2015

  • Urban music stories: A history of DIY music spaces in Thessaloniki

Researcher: Alexandra Karamoutsiou
Start Date: May 2015 (February 2016)


  • Informal learning and free musical improvisation: Revisiting notions of music-making and amateurism in Greece through cases of improvisors without formal music education.

Researcher: Anna Papoutsi
Start Date: October 2014

Undergraduate Research

Researcher: Anastasia Peki
Completion: February 2016

Researcher: Georgia Pazarloglou
Completion: March 2015